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Ancient Women Had Awesome Arms

For thousands of years, women in agricultural societies seem to have had arms stronger than members of modern rowing teams.  

December 9, 2017 — Karen Hopkin

The Mad Science of Creativity

On October 17, Scientific American hosted a special event on creativity at The Bell House in Brooklyn, N.Y., in collaboration with Springer Nature and The Story Collider. Watch scientists and others tell their favorite stories about the nature of imagination, intuition, inventiveness and other sparks of brilliance...

November 28, 2017

Ancient 1 Percenters Were Beast-Based

New World societies long ago likely had less income inequality than those in the Old World, and the difference might have been an oxen gap. Christopher Intagliata reports.

November 17, 2017 — Christopher Intagliata

Math at the Met

Amid the museum’s 2 million works of art lie numerous mathematical curiosities

November 16, 2017 — Joseph Dauben, Marjorie Senechal and The Mathematical Intelligencer

Put Space Cat on a Pedestal

A campaign calls for the creation of a statue to recognize Félicette, the first cat to be sent into space.  

November 15, 2017 — Yasemin Saplakoglu

Come On and Zoom (through the Universe)

Caleb Scharf, director of Columbia University’s Astrobiology Center talks about his latest book, The Zoomable Universe: An Epic Tour through Cosmic Scale, from Almost Everything to Almost Nothing, and the OSIRIS-REx space mission...

November 11, 2017 — Caleb A. Scharf and Steve Mirsky
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