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Don't Close the Studio Door

This is our job now, artists: ask riddles, question authority, ridicule power and underscore weirdness using a big fat licorice-scented marker

November 25, 2016 — Glendon Mellow

How Myths Evolve over Time and Migrations

Julien d’Huy, of the Pantheon–Sorbonne University in Paris, talks about the use of evolutionary theory and computer modeling in the comparative analysis of myths and folktales, the subject of his article in the December 2016 Scientific American ...

November 15, 2016 — Julien d'Huy and Steve Mirsky

The Beauty of Skulls

The skull paintings of Christine Mercer-Vernon transcend our modern seasonal macabre and reveal the beauty of death as part of life.

October 31, 2016 — Glendon Mellow
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