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Eating Jim Crow

Southern foodways provide insight into the ways segregation was developed and maintained during the Jim Crow era

March 29, 2016 — Layla Eplett

Shout Out! to #VanguardSTEM

Shout Out! My latest celebratory series amplifying the voice, work, and service of scholars and scientists who work to make STEM accessible, diverse, and more inclusive.

March 28, 2016 — DNLee

The Fastball Gets Its Scientific Due in a New Documentary

The new movie Fastball dissects the pitch from the perspective of pitchers, hitters, umpires—and scientists, who talk about everything from the physics governing the trajectory of the ball to the neuroscience of the batter’s perception and reaction—including how the ball can appear to vanish...

March 25, 2016 — Steve Mirsky

The Gravity of Pi

Martin Krzywinski’s latest “Pi Day” graphic re-imagines numerical digits as physical masses

March 14, 2016 — Amanda Montañez
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