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Stories by Bora Zivkovic


What is: Open Laboratory 2011

The Open Laboratory is the annual anthology of the best writing on science blogs. Yes, this is an actual, physical book, printed on paper.The aim of the book is twofold: first, to showcase the quality of science blogging to the audience that does not read blogs and perhaps has a negative opinion of blogs due to the anti-blog propaganda in the mainstream media, and second, to build and strengthen the science blogging community.The idea for the compilation came from a discussion between Anton Zuiker and a representative of the online book publisher

July 18, 2011 — Bora Zivkovic

Friday Network Highlights #2

Photo: Tony Hisgett on Flickr  What a great second week since the launch! The team is invisibly but surely improving the site, bloggers are blogging (see links below), and the buzz online on social networks has not subsided one bit!Here are some of the latest shout-outs we got in the blogosphere: BCLocalNews, Why Evolution Is True, Not Exactly Rocket Science, Science of Blogging, Superoceras, Immortal Coils, Ed Cone's WordUp and Terra SigillataYou should follow the Blog Network on Twitter - the official account is @sciamblogs and the List of all the bloggers is @sciamblogs/sciambloggers.Conversations on our articles and blog posts often continue on our Facebook page - "Like" it and join in the discussion.This is the end of the scheduled roll-out of the first posts by the network bloggers...

July 15, 2011 — Bora Zivkovic

Giant Dino exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History, or why I should not be a photojournalist

As the Blog Editor at Scientific American, I come to New York City about once a month to work in the office, attend editorial meetings, and prepare the blog network for launch some time in the near future.This week, I was in town at just the right time to join our intrepid team of reporters on assignment: the press event leading to the opening of the new Giant Dino exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History.Now that I work in a media organization, it is time for me to stop just criticizing from the outside and actually learn how the media works - from the inside...

April 15, 2011 — Bora Zivkovic

Book review: Pink Boots and the Machete by Mireya Mayor

As a little boy, I was always drawn to books about wilderness, exotic places, explorers and wild animals. I hungrily read accounts of real events, from Joy Adamson to Gerald Durrell, and works of fiction, from The Jungle Book to The White Fang, from Henryk Sienkiewicz's In Desert and Wilderness to the entire Doctor Dolittle series.And I never outgrew the genre, excitedly checking out new titles, but now with a somewhat raised bar - adventure is not enough, I also want good science in the story...

March 1, 2011 — Bora Zivkovic
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