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Stories by Christina Agapakis

Summer Reading

I am one of those people that's usually "reading" a lot of books at once. This summer I've been alternating between skimming and devouring, picking up and putting on hold a few new favorites and some less favorite books, which have coalesced in my head into an overarching narrative about the history and future of energy and biotechnology...

July 15, 2011 — Christina Agapakis
Starting at the Beginning

Starting at the Beginning

Welcome! I’m thrilled to be joining this brand new blog network and to be part of this new collection of voices! Since I hate blogging about blogging I’m going to just jump right in, and what better place to start than right at the beginning?...

July 5, 2011 — Christina Agapakis

Mixed cultures: art, science, and cheese

Cheese is an everyday artifact of microbial artistry. Discovered accidentally when someone stored milk in a stomach-canteen full of gut microbes, acids, and enzymes thousands of years ago, cheesemaking evolved as a way to use good bacteria to protect milk from the bad bacteria that can make us sick, before anyone knew that bacteria even existed...

December 28, 2010 — Christina Agapakis
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