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Stories by John Horgan


Increasingly, experts question the need for land-based missiles

October 1, 1989 — John Horgan

Hot Spot

Computers re-create weather of an ancient supercontinent

September 1, 1989 — John Horgan

The Masai

These pastoralists are key to the future of Kenya's wildlife

September 1, 1989 — John Horgan

Ivan's Eyes

A ban ends, and antisatellite weapons make a comeback

June 1, 1989 — John Horgan


"Limited" antimissile schemes are gaining in popularity

February 1, 1989 — John Horgan

Lone-Star Science

The supercollider will be built in Texas-if it is built at all

January 1, 1989 — John Horgan

The Bionic Mind

Electrodes in the brain maysomeday- aid paralysis victims

October 1, 1988 — John Horgan


Opposition to U.S. research in biological warfare intensifies

July 1, 1988 — John Horgan
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