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Mind & Brain

Usher might ruin your dog s Fourth of July

For many, the Fourth of July is about food, food, alcohol and more food (maybe with a side of baseball). But as late afternoon rolls around and people prepare for fireworks displays, you might remember, “Hey… didn’t Banjo freak out about the fireworks last year?” If you live in NYC, R&B star Usher is “curating” the 2013 Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks, which means that while Usher himself is not upsetting any dogs today (hopefully), Usher is indirectly ruining many dogs’ day...

July 4, 2013 — Julie Hecht
Mind & Brain

Canine Science This Summer Near You

Think dogs get the summer off from school? Think again! Summer brings numerous conferences, both in the States and abroad, featuring canine science from a variety of angles like behavior, cognition, welfare and the dog-human relationship.The conferences feature new research on topics like: oxytocin receptors and affiliative behavior in dogs canine post-traumatic stress disorder in military working dogs why adult dogs play the Black Dog Syndrome how much working dogs watch their handlers’ faces the prevalence of fearful and anxious behaviors of dogs in the United States the effect of pet therapy on language development in preschoolers cognitive predictors of assistance-dog success behavior rehabilitation of abused pets the relationship between prenatal experiences and postnatal behavior (a topic I previously discussed here) Find all conference details in my guest post, Upcoming Canine Science Conferences, on Dr...

June 22, 2013 — Julie Hecht
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