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Stories by Kristin Leutwyler

Plastic Power

Polymers take a step forward as photovoltaic cells and lasers

December 1, 1996 — Kristin Leutwyler

Paying Attention

The controversy over ADHD and the drug Ritalin is obscuring a real look at the disorder and its underpinnings

August 1, 1996 — Kristin Leutwyler

X Marks the Spots

Researchers find a genetic marker for an uncommon form of epilepsy

May 1, 1996 — Kristin Leutwyler

Viral Tracers

Neuroscientists use viruses to map out pathways in the brain

March 1, 1996 — Kristin Leutwyler


Ebola--and the funds to study it--eludes researchers

September 1, 1995 — Kristin Leutwyler
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