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Stories by Larry Greenemeier

Video That Follows You Wherever You Go

Microsoft extends video and digital photos to every TV in the home; Hewlett-Packard demos video games that resemble your surroundings

October 1, 2007 — Larry Greenemeier

How to Be Your Own Phone Company

Ooma's VoIP hub routes calls over the Internet and gives callers the ability to use their phones without a phone company or a computer

September 25, 2007 — Larry Greenemeier

Pentagon Developing New Unmanned Spy Planes

The Pentagon is on the hunt for new sophisticated unmanned spy planes that can be sent to any location above the planet within an hour and remain over the hot spot gathering intelligence for at least five years without touching down...

September 17, 2007 — Larry Greenemeier

Money Is Green, but Online Banking Is Greener

After explosive growth in online banking and payments, consumer interest appears to be waning, reversing a trend that promised to significantly reduce paper waste and pollution

August 16, 2007 — Larry Greenemeier
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