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Stories by Laura Vanderkam

Hidden Meanings: Keith Winstein

A 1999 Intel finalist who worked on a better way to send secret codes is now decoding technology for the general public at The Wall Street Journal

May 16, 2008 — Laura Vanderkam

Where Are They Now?

The stories of Westinghouse--now Intel--Science Talent Search finalists. From chemistry to code-breaking, genetics to geology, some of these scientifically precocious young men and women have gone on to win Nobel Prizes--and all of them live fascinating lives...

May 12, 2008 — Laura Vanderkam

The Watcher: Roald Hoffmann

A 1955 Westinghouse finalist wins a Nobel Prize in chemistry 26 years later, then turns his attention to poetry

May 12, 2008 — Laura Vanderkam
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