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Stories by Lynne Peeples

Veterinarians caught in a cross-fire of Chinook

Nothing says Seattle like sipping a grande latte from the original Starbucks while watching dead halibut and salmon fly past your face.

So the vets coming to town next month for the annual meeting of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) figured why not have a team-building demonstration featuring the famous flinging fishmongers from the Pike Place Fish Market?...

June 15, 2009 — Lynne Peeples

Will a highly customized shoe help you run better?

The science of running seems to have hit the ground, well, running: Yesterday saw the introduction of a shoe that boasts 648 possible combinations of components designed to prevent injuries and maximize performance...

June 2, 2009 — Lynne Peeples

Trekkie triage: Could a new device aid medics?

On Star Trek , medical diagnoses were easy: Dr. McCoy pulled out a tricorder, and named a medical ailment without even laying a hand on a patient. Could a similar – albeit less powerful – device soon aid earth-bound medics?...

June 1, 2009 — Lynne Peeples

Could water in a dog's bowl + sunshine start a fire?

You remember the time as a kid when you set an ant on fire. You positioned your dad’s magnifying glass a few inches above the ground, adjusting the angle ever so slightly until the spotlight of refracted rays rested precisely on your target.* Then you waited. 

It was innocent fun—except for some of us more sensitive folk—a sort of right-of-passage, backyard science experiment...

May 27, 2009 — Lynne Peeples
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