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Stories by Marguerite Holloway

Under Construction

Temporary scaffolding guides nerves in the developing brain

January 1, 1992 — Marguerite Holloway

Soiled Shores

Cleanup technologies, from hot-water washing to fertilizer, were applied to the mess left by the Exxon Valdez oil spill. But nature, it seems, fared better on its own.

October 1, 1991 — Marguerite Holloway

Rx for Addiction

Probing the mysteries of drug addiction is revealing basic knowledge about Jhe brain and may yield a new generation of pharmaceuticals.

March 1, 1991 — Marguerite Holloway

Neural Vector

Herpes may open the way to gene therapy in neurons

January 1, 1991 — Marguerite Holloway

Fetal Law

Experimental surgery may feed ethical debates

September 1, 1990 — Marguerite Holloway
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