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Stories by Nature magazine

Gene Hunt Is On for Mental Disabilities in Children

Gene Hunt Is On for Mental Disabilities in Children

In most cases, identifying mutations will not point to medical treatments, let alone cures. But scientists say the importance of a diagnosis should not be discounted

April 17, 2012 — Ewen Callaway and Nature magazine

How to See around Corners

An ultrafast camera uses scattered laser light to create images of hidden objects, which could have military and industrial cleanup applications

March 20, 2012 — Geoff Marsh and Nature magazine

Bats Harbor Novel Type of Influenza

A new subtype diverged from known influenza viruses long ago and does not seem to pose an immediate health threat

February 27, 2012 — Bruce Levine and Nature magazine

New Target Discovered for Pain Relief

A neuropathic pain expert says, however, that in the past 30 years virtually no new drug targets have made it into the clinic as effective pain-relief drugs

January 22, 2012 — Katharine Sanderson and Nature magazine
Stories by Nature magazine

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