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Stories by Philip H. Smith

Increase Production!

Cemented Carbides, Near Diamond Hard Tantalum, Tungsten, Titanium, Face Tools and Dies, Reduce Rejects, Permit Fabrication of "Non-Machinable" Products

February 1, 1935 — Philip H. Smith

Plastics Come of Age

Age 66, Structural and Insulating Qualities, Shoes and Dental Plates, Fireproof Wall Panels, Transparent or in Colors, Compete With Wood and Metals, An Even More Plastic World Seen

January 1, 1935 — Philip H. Smith

Diesels Stride Ahead

Dependable, Economical Motive Force, Air, Land, Water, Slowly, Surely Advancing in America, Great Future Possibilities, Saving Not So Much in Cheaper Fuel, Decentralization of Industry

December 1, 1934 — Philip H. Smith

Milk of the Rubber Tree

Latex--as it Comes from the Tree--Has Enjoyed a Huge Increase in Use Despite the Downward Trend of Other Businesses

December 1, 1933 — Philip H. Smith
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