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Stories by Robert M. Sapolsky

Stressed-Out Memories

A little stress sharpens memory. But after prolonged stress, the mental picture isn't pretty

November 19, 2004 — Robert M. Sapolsky

Your Personal Pathology

How will we feel when biology can name what makes each of us who we are?

January 1, 2004 — Robert M. Sapolsky

Gene Therapy for the Nervous System

Inserting genes into brain cells may one day offer doctors a way to slow, or even reverse, the damage from degenerative neurological disease

June 1, 1997 — Dora Y. Ho and Robert M. Sapolsky

Stress in the Wild

Studies of free-ranging baboons in an African reserve are helping to explain why human beings can differ in their vulnerability to stress-related diseases

January 1, 1990 — Robert M. Sapolsky
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