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Powerful and Bad in 2009

Recent research finds that a feeling of entitlement to power can inspire hypocrisy. Christie Nicholson reports

December 31, 2009

Are Social Networks Messing with Your Head?

Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and their cousins have evolved from college fad to global ubiquity in seven short years. Whether they are good for our mental health is another matter

December 29, 2009 — David DiSalvo

Gal Gamers Geekier Than Guys

A study in the Journal of Communication found that women who engage in a role-playing game online actually spend more time in the alternate reality than the guy players do. Karen Hopkin reports...

December 23, 2009

Remembering That Person's Name

Recent research finds that we all have a tough time remembering names as we age. But for those with early Alzheimer's the decline is significant and includes forgetting biographical information, as well...

December 22, 2009

Fall in Love and Stay That Way

Nothing is more fulfilling than being in a successful love relationship. Yet we leave our love lives entirely to chance. Maybe we don't have to anymore

December 22, 2009 — Robert Epstein

Our Bodies, Our Culture

How we understand the location of our own body in space is culturally dependent. Christie Nicholson reports

December 15, 2009

If Time Flew, You Had Fun

A study in the journal Psychological Science finds that if people believe that time has flown, they think they had more fun. Karen Hopkin reports

December 15, 2009

Hockey and Concussions

Researchers are asking hockey players to give up their brains to study the long-term impact of concussions. Christie Nicholson reports

December 8, 2009
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