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Love Makes Things Taste Sweeter

Writing about love made students rank candy and water as sweeter-tasting than writing about jealousy or other topics

January 24, 2014 — Stephanie Pappas and LiveScience

Great Expectations Heighten Placebo Effect

Migraine patients who were told they were getting a real drug did better than those who got the same treatment but who were told they were getting a placebo


January 22, 2014 — Cynthia Graber

Embrace the Stage Fright

In a karaoke game and on a math test people who said they were excited before performing got higher marks than those who said they tried to stay calm. Karen Hopkin reports

January 15, 2014

Can a Blind Person Be a Racist? [Excerpt]

In this adapted excerpt from a new book, a legal scholar and social critic documents that racist attitudes are not rooted in the ability to actually "see" the color of someone’s skin

January 10, 2014 — Osagie Obasogie

New Therapies Take Early Aim at Autism

By spotting signs of this developmental disorder in young toddlers, parents and therapists may be able to target a child's deficits before they become debilitating

January 10, 2014 — Luciana Gravotta
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