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The Age of the Earth—An Age-Old Question [Excerpt]

Lord Kelvin applied thermodynamics to the problem of Earth’s age. Although his estimates are now known to be incorrect by several orders of magnitude, they shook up the established theories of 19th-century geologists...

January 25, 2013 — Paul S. Braterman

Researchers A-C-T on DNA Storage

Using a technique with multiple accuracy checks, researchers have stored large amounts of digital information on tiny volumes of synthetic DNA. Sophie Bushwick reports

January 25, 2013

Emotional Smarts Tied to General IQ

The same brain regions that perform cognitive tasks may also provide social intelligence, according to a new study

January 23, 2013 — Tia Ghose and LiveScience

NIH Told to Retire Most Research Chimps

About half of 21 ongoing biomedical and behavioral experiments would be ended, under advice from a working group of external agency advisors

January 23, 2013 — Meredith Wadman and Nature magazine

Car Crashes More Deadly for Obese Drivers

Morbidly obese individuals—those with a BMI of 40 and above—were 80 percent more likely to die in a car crash, according to a study published in Emergency Medical Journal

January 22, 2013 — Rachael Rettner and MyHealthNewsDaily

FDA Approves Recombinant Flu Vaccine

The agency's approval of the first seasonal flu vaccine made of recombinant proteins rather than inactivated or weakened virus comes as emergency rooms are clogged with victims of an early and severe flu season...

January 22, 2013 — Heidi Ledford and Nature News Blog

Healing the Brain with Snail Venom

Every cone snail species has easily 1,000 peptides of medical interest, which means cone snails offer millions of research possibilities--but how do you milk a snail?

January 22, 2013 — Daisy Yuhas

BPA Replacement Also Alters Hormones

Just like the controversial compound it's designed to replace, a chemical used in consumer products messes with the endocrine system, according to new research

January 17, 2013 — Brian Bienkowski and Environmental Health News
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