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Special Delivery

The bioterror weapon of choice has supplied new treatment strategies for HIV and cancer

May 20, 2002 — Gary Stix
Proteins Rule

Proteins Rule

Biotech's latest mantra is "proteomics," as it focuses on how dynamic networks of human proteins control cells and tissues

April 24, 2002 — Carol Ezzell

Designing Trees

The same, often controversial gene-tweaking techniques that brought us pest-resistant fruits and vegetables now have a new target: trees

April 1, 2002 — Naomi Lubick

How Long Can Humans Stay Awake?

J. Christian Gillin, a professor of psychiatry at the University of California, San Diego, conducts research on sleep, chronobiology and mood disorders. He supplies the following answer

March 25, 2002

Who Owns You?

A mock trial explores the intersection of patents and genetic-property rights

March 24, 2002 — Gary Stix
The Economics of <em>Fair Play</em>

The Economics of Fair Play

Biology and economics may explain why we value fairness over rational selfishness

January 24, 2002 — Karl Sigmund, Ernst Fehr and Martin A. Nowak

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