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Altered crops: Your thoughts?

From The Editors: In "Future Farming: A Return to Roots" in the new August issue, Jerry D. Glover, Cindy M. Cox and John P. Reganold argue that many of the problems associated with the modern agriculture--soil erosion, excessive water demands, high energy inputs and so on--are linked to the fact that most important grain crops are annuals, not perennials...

July 16, 2007 — Christopher Mims
Attitude Screen

Attitude Screen

Seeing if the public is ready for personal genetic information

July 15, 2007 — Christine Soares
The Shark's Electric Sense

The Shark's Electric Sense

An astonishingly sensitive detector of electric fields helps sharks zero in on prey

July 15, 2007 — R. Douglas Fields

Protein Pretense

Cheating the standard protein tests is easy, but industry hesitates on alternatives

July 15, 2007 — Alison Snyder

Windows on the Mind

Once scorned as nervous tics, certain tiny, unconscious flicks of the eyes now turn out to underpin much of our ability to see. These movements may even re?veal subliminal thoughts

July 15, 2007 — Susana Martinez-Conde and Stephen L. Macknik
Obesity Hurting Horses' Health

Obesity Hurting Horses' Health

A study of horses in Virginia revealed that just over half are overweight or obese, leading to a constellation of equine health problems. Steve Mirsky reports.

July 13, 2007
Birds Prefer New Tunes to Golden Oldies

Birds Prefer New Tunes to Golden Oldies

White-crowned sparrows showed far less interest in the typical song of their species from 1979 compared with the slightly changed version from 2003. Steve Mirsky reports.

July 11, 2007

Systems Biology: The Future of Biomedical Science?

In this episode eminent biologist Leroy Hood, founder of the Institute for Systems Biology, talks about systems biology, an approach to understanding complex biological systems in their entirety, with major implications for the future of medicine...

July 11, 2007 — Steve Mirsky
Rodent Virus Stole Snake DNA

Rodent Virus Stole Snake DNA

A smallpox-like virus that hopped from snakes to wild gerbils seems to have taken a snippet of the snake's DNA with it.

July 10, 2007

It's just your imagination -- Or is it your memory?

Mind Matters Mind Matters is's "seminar blog" on the sciences of mind and brain. Each week, top researchers describe their disciplines' most significant new findings -- and what they, as fellow researchers, find most exciting, maddening, significant, odd, or otherwise noteworthy in the research driving their fields...

July 10, 2007 — David Dobbs
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