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Do the impoverished need industry?

There is a neglected aspect to efforts to eliminate poverty: industry. At least according to economist Erik Reinert of Tallinn Technical University in Estonia, who argues that the best way to feed more people is to make sure that more of them have industrial, non-agricultural jobs...

March 27, 2008 — David Biello

Detecting Nuclear Smuggling

Radiation monitors at U.S. ports cannot reliably detect highly enriched uranium, which onshore terrorists could assemble into a nuclear bomb

March 24, 2008 — Thomas B. Cochran and Matthew G. McKinzie

Science and America's Future

Argonne National Laboratory director Robert Rosner talks about the role of science in keeping America an economic leader. Plus, we'll test your knowledge of some recent science in the news...

March 12, 2008 — Steve Mirsky

Electric Gold

At the nanoscale, gold wire can act as either a conductor or insulator, making it a candidate as a sensor. Steve Mirsky explains, with reporting by Harvey Black.

March 6, 2008

A Mars Rovers Once-Over

We look at the state of the rovers currently on Mars, the big accidental discovery by the Spirit rover, and the next-generation device slated to join them in 2010, the Mars Science Laboratory Rover...

March 5, 2008 — Steve Mirsky
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