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Mammoth Hemoglobin Could Provide Cold Comfort

Mammoth Hemoglobin Could Provide Cold Comfort

Researchers recreated mammoth hemoglobin and found it delivers oxygen at ultralow temperatures, a finding that could inform blood substitutes for therapeutic hypothermia procedures. Sophie Bushwick reports

September 19, 2011
Science Legend Christian de Duve

Science Legend Christian de Duve

Christian de Duve, 1974 Nobel laureate for physiology or medicine, talks about going from a cell biologist to a theorist on evolution and the origin of life

September 9, 2011 — Steve Mirsky
9/11: 10 Years Later

9/11: 10 Years Later

The attacks on September 11, 2001, profoundly influenced the direction of science and technology. What's been learned from those events, and how they have shaped our lives since

September 6, 2011

Scientists Perceive NASA Bias Against Venus

The planet is conveniently close, and an extreme laboratory for atmospheric processes familiar on Earth. So why won't NASA send a mission there?

September 2, 2011 — Eric Hand and Nature magazine

Beyond XX and XY

Biology. Identity. Equality.