The Zooniverse has been asked to enable The Planetary Response Network in response to Hurricane Irma, and now we need your help with rescue efforts in the Caribbean. Hurricane Irma has brought large-scale destruction to many islands over the last few days, and now Hurricane Jose is a growing threat in the same region.

The project aims to rapidly assess pre- and post-hurricane satellite imagery to produce a heat map of urgent priorities for response teams. U.K. Disaster Risk Reduction and Response charity Rescue Global is deploying a team to the Caribbean to collect data on the ground. In partnership with the University of Oxford, the Planetary Response Network and Zooniverse, Rescue Global would like to obtain crowd-sourced "heat map" data of priorities from the Zooniverse community, to support their own aerial and ground reconnaissance.

By analyzing satellite images of the stricken areas you can provide invaluable assistance to rescue workers in the Caribbean. Rescue Global are a UK-based disaster risk reduction and response charity who are deploying a team to the Caribbean and will use the information you provide to help them assess the situation on the ground.

Planetary Response Network & Rescue Global is working to make as many images available as possible. Please keep a close eye on the project even if it runs out of data fast.