Researchers at the University of Oklahoma’s Natural Products Discovery Group are looking for citizen scientists to submit local dirt samples as part of a project to study microorganisms found in soil.
Soils are teeming with microscopic life. Many of these organisms belong to a special group of microbes known as fungi. Fungi are capable of making many new compounds that can thwart the growth of cancer cells, impede the spread of infectious pathogens, as well as treat many other human diseases. With millions of fungi estimated to be living on earth, you probably have several new species inhabiting your area that we have never tested.
This citizen science effort will go a long way to helping identify new disease-fighting compounds. Click here to make a donation to the OU Citizen Science Program and help keep this program free to the public.
The Natural Products Discovery Group is part of the university’s Institute for Natural Products Applications and Research Technologies (INPART) labs.