Researchers at Oregon State University (OSU) are seeking help with the transcription of thousands of documents, letters and records kept by the Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists. Albert Einstein formed the committee in 1946 to educate the public on the dangers of atomic warfare and the mounting need for world peace.
OSU’s Special Collections & Archives Research Center seeks help from citizen scientists to transcribe the letters in the collection, which is part of an online exhibit. The exhibit includes documents and letters to and from the nine scientists making up the committee, including appeals for donations to support the group’s mission of peace.
Though only a portion of the collection has been loaded into the exhibit so far, each letter will be digitized and available for reading within the exhibit. OSU received the collection as part of the personal papers of university alumnus and Nobel laureate Linus Pauling, who was a member of the Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists.
To learn more about the project, visit the “Dear Professor Einstein” site.