The U.K.’s Flusurvey is an online system for measuring influenza trends in the U.K. In contrast to traditional surveillance methods, Flusurvey collects data directly from the general public, rather than via hospitals or physicians. This is particularly important because many people with flu don't visit a doctor so don't feature in traditional flu surveillance. Participation is entirely voluntary, and information is collected for research purposes only.

U.K. Flusurvey launched in July 2009, in the middle of the swine flu epidemic, which was fairly hectic. It is part of a Europe-wide initiative to monitor influenza-like illness (ILI) activity. More than 5,000 people signed up in 2009. The Flusurvey has continued ever since, and is about to enter its 5th year.

The Internet has been used to monitor patterns of influenza-like-illness (ILI) in the Netherlands and Belgium since 2003, in Portugal since 2005 and Italy since 2007. From 2011 France, Sweden, Spain, Denmark and Ireland.