Not feeling well? Researchers at Boston Children's Hospital want your help a part of their GoViral study to better understand how community viral diagnostic information and symptom information can help them understand an individual's risk of influenza. The researchers want to learn how this information might also change public health behaviors.
Citizen scientists report their symptoms using the GoViral website or mobile app and will receive a kit including the sample collection materials. If at anytime you get sick, you are asked to provide a nasal swab and/or saliva sample. You will be directed step-by-step of what to do via the online instructional videos, then asked to return the kit with prepaid postage or drop it off where you picked it up. Later in the season we will ask you a few extra online questions about your interpretation of the flu test results from you and/or your community.
If you sign up for the study, it is implied that you consent to participate. The information you share in this study is meant to be confidential.  The study will help describe illness and health issues in your community. The results will be written up and published.