Happy Match is a citizen science game that challenges players to answer questions about moths, sharks or rays. Players score points at the end of each game to compete with friends and see who makes the best citizen scientist. Scientists designed the questions in Happy Match based on information they want to know. By classifying the photos of these insects and animals, you'll these help scientists as they study the natural world.

Each time you play Happy Match, you will be given either five or 10 photos to work with. In each round, you will be asked a question about the specimens shown in the photos (for example, their color). Answer the questions by dragging and dropping the photos. In each round, most of the photos will be unknown: citizen scientists can help researchers by identifying the animals, plants or insects in these photos.

Happy Match was created by Citizen Sort, a group of researchers and student developers at Syracuse University's School of Information Studies. Citizen Sort’s Web contains tools and games to classify various species of insects, animals, and plants. One of the site’s goals is to help biologists and ecologists with scientific classification tasks. The second goal is to help information scientists and human-computer interaction researchers evaluate the role of motivation in citizen science.