Global biodiversity is critical to the long-term health of the planet but species are disappearing at an alarming rate. With anywhere between 10-100 million species on the planet, it’s difficult to really catalog where and when life may be evolving or going extinct.
The International Barcode of Life project hopes to build a database containing DNA barcodes for every species on the planet by empowering citizen scientists worldwide to participate in the crowdsourcing of genetic materials. The organization has an iPhone and iPad app, available on iTunes, that, when used in conjunction with the Lifescanner Kit, lets anyone participate in crowdsourcing the collection and analysis of tissue samples or entire organisms from anywhere in the world. The published DNA barcode data is then made available to researchers and students for analysis and to be accessed through big data and data visualization tools from SAP to better understand life on Earth.
Use the LifeScanner DNA species identification sampling kit to submit any animal samples you come across. The kit contains everything you need to submit 4 samples for identification and contribution to the scientific database.