By participating in the educational aspects of the New York Horseshoe Monitoring Network citizen scientists will help researchers at Cornell University Cooperative Extension’s Marine Program and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation collect data and to acquire biological information on horseshoe crabs in New York’s Marine District. This data will be used by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation to assess the status of horseshoe crabs in New York’s Marine District, and to assist with the regional management and conservation of this species through the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission.

Participants in this educational survey will be help collect data on horseshoe crab spawning abundance, size, sex and tag returns around full and new moon evenings from May to July. Trained site coordinators will be present to educate and teach citizen scientists about the survey, however, it is important that citizen scientists take the time to follow instructions and contact the site coordinator before showing up to the survey.  By doing so, participants will be better prepared and help make the survey run efficiently and learn about the stewardship of horseshoe crabs.