As part of Zooniverse’s Orchid Observers project, citizen scientists can photograph wild orchids throughout the summer of 2015 and annotate images of the London Natural History Museum’s more than 10,000 specimens to contribute to climate change research.
Current digital records of the museum’s orchid samples include handwritten labels. Citizen scientists check the date and locality information from a label and then click on each plant to record the flowering stage: in bud, in flower or in seed. As well as aiming to learn more about the phenological response of the U.K.’s orchids to environmental change, researchers hope this project will add to their understanding of U.K. orchid distribution and population health more widely.
Verified orchid records collected through this project will support the research activity of the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland (BSBI), a society in Britain and Ireland for the study of plant distribution and taxonomy.