Penguin Watch is a citizen science Web site trying to understand the lives of penguins. To do this scientists have travelled to some of the coldest areas on the planet to learn more about penguin populations. Citizen scientists can help annotate hundreds of thousands of images of wildlife in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean taken over the past three years.
Penguin Watch features a tool that takes its own and other researchers’ time-lapse imagery and displays it to interested members of the public. This allows volunteers to click on penguins and help extract data from imagery. Individually mark adult penguins, chicks and eggs in an image by clicking on the center of each one's visible area. Sometimes just a head or tail is showing, other times you'll be able to mark the center of the chest/torso. Project organizers sometimes need their volunteers to mark up to 30 of each, although participants can mark more.
Mark any other animals too so researchers can see how often they are near the penguin nest. After classifying, citizen scientists can discuss a specific image or the whole project with the science team and other volunteers by visiting Talk Penguin Watch.