Season Spotter is asking volunteers to help identify changes in plants, shrubs, and trees over the seasons, so they can better understand the impact of climate change on vegetation. The project's images are of landscapes, taken by more than 200 elevated automatic cameras from across North America, and include forests, grasslands, wetlands, dry shrubland, and tundra.

Most of the images used in Season Spotter come from established PhenoCam locations, so the specific areas and plants of interest have already been identified. In this case, citizen scientists are asked to simply answer a number of multiple-choice questions about each one.

Project organizers have also gathered images from webcams and other sources and need help identifying areas in those images that contain various types of plants, such as grasses, shrubs, broadleaf trees, needle-leafed trees, crops, etc. In these cases, citizen scientists can use drawing tools to point out particular locations.

Season Spotter was created in collaboration with Harvard University, the U.S. National Ecological Observatory Network and the Zooniverse.