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Creativity Can Lessen Leader Image

College students viewed people with innovative ideas as having less leadership potential than those whose thinking remained in the box. Karen Hopkin reports

December 21, 2010

More Money Doesn't Mean More Happiness

Richard Easterlin wrote a paper back in the 1970s showing that increased income doesn't correlate with increased happiness. Last week he published an update on that paper. Christie Nicholson reports...

December 19, 2010

What Makes an Honest Smile Honest?

What is the telltale clue to a genuine smile? Recent research finds positive correlations with this honest show of emotion. Christie Nicholson reports

December 11, 2010

Think More to Eat Less

If you painstakingly contemplate eating the food you're about to dig into, there's a good chance you'll eat less of it. Karen Hopkin reports

December 10, 2010
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