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How Nerve Cells Communicate

The brain makes sense of our experiences by focusing closely on the timing of the impulses that flow through billions of nerve cells

September 19, 2012 — Terry Sejnowski and Tobi Delbruck

When the Bride Has Doubt

New research finds that prenuptial doubt predicts marital separation, especially when that doubt comes from the bride. Christie Nicholson reports

September 16, 2012

Fear Makes Art More Engaging

A recent study finds that when people are stimulated by fear, they tend to be more engaged with art. Christie Nicholson reports

September 12, 2012

"Junk" DNA Holds Clues to Common Diseases

With the new annotation of the human genome, researchers are finding that most of the code between genes is controlling crucial functions for life and health

September 5, 2012 — Katherine Harmon

Civil War Innovations

Secession and Science; Warships; Underwater Warfare; Cannons; Communications and Military Intelligence; Medicine and Health

September 1, 2012

The Hidden Mind

We have long wondered how the conscious mind comes to be. Greater understanding of brain function ought to provide an eventual solution.

September 1, 2012
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