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Brain Scans Reveal Dogs' Thoughts

New fMRI images of unsedated dogs represent a first peak into what dogs are thinking and open a door into canine cognition and social cognition in other species

May 8, 2012 — Jeanna Bryner and LiveScience

Math Rules

Some equations touch all our lives--whereas others, well, not so much

April 29, 2012 — Steve Mirsky

Your Dog Wants Your Food

Dogs recognize and respond to human social signals to conclude that your food is more desirable than theirs. Sophie Bushwick reports

April 26, 2012

"Pay What You Want" May Deter Consumers

Pay-what-you-want pricing may inadvertently give consumers the untenable choice to either pay more or feel cheap, driving them away from making a purchase at all. Sophie Bushwick reports...

April 25, 2012
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