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The Windows 8 Glossary

Microsoft's new operating system comes in three versions and runs two different kinds of programs. Here's our guide to keeping it straight

January 5, 2013 — David Pogue

iPad 2013: Mini on the Rise

Some obvious changes seem to be in store for the iPad Mini in 2013. But it won't be a no-brainer for Apple to crank out the next-gen Mini in short order

January 1, 2013

Classical Computing Embraces Quantum Ideas

"Thinking quantumly" can lead to new insights into long-standing problems in classical computer science, mathematics and cryptography, regardless of whether quantum computers ever materialize...

December 28, 2012 — Natalie Wolchover and Quanta Magazine

Engineers Hunt for Ways to Cool Computing

Increasingly, heat looms as the single largest obstacle to computing's continued advancement. Solutions could include liquid coolants or circuits arrayed on 3-D grids like the brain

December 13, 2012 — Philip Ball and Nature magazine
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