The Toronto-based digital health innovation company App for Independence, or A4i, is developing clinically proven mobile interventions to help patients with schizophrenia and psychosis and their care providers better manage symptoms. A4i — a joint venture between The Center for Addiction and Mental Health in Canada and digital health solution provider MEMOTEXT — is part of JLabs@Toronto. This company developed an app based on evidence-based content that helps patients prepare for everyday tasks. It can be set up to provide reminders and a feed with evidence-based and peer-to-peer support. Users can also give it access to a device’s microphone to use an ambient sound recorder, which is designed to help individuals understand if sounds are real or hallucinations. As explained by Amos Adler, CEO of A4i, “If we can succeed in automating some risk identification and creating relevance for patients with our personalization algorithms and machine learning, then we can succeed in creating engaging support for patients beyond the walls of the provider setting.”

This article is part of the Champions of Science series from Scientific American Custom Media and Johnson & Johnson Innovation.