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By the Numbers134 articles archived since 1845

Food Boom

Agricultural productivity sustains the U.S. economy

May 1, 2007 — Rodger Doyle

Breaking the Mold

A Real Family Value: Mothers who work outside the home

March 1, 2007 — Rodger Doyle

License to Work

Professional licensing: Road to social atherosclerosis?

February 1, 2007 — Rodger Doyle

Teen Sex in America

Virginity into the third millennium takes an uptick

January 1, 2007 — Rodger Doyle

Not So Revolutionary

Recent advances are no third industrial revolution

December 1, 2006 — Rodger Doyle

To Serve Man

The services sector proves to be a key to prosperity

October 1, 2006 — Rodger Doyle

Dumbing Down

The new Illiteracy--a challenge to the body politic?

September 1, 2006 — Rodger Doyle

Virtual Skulduggery

Internet crime may be a brake on productivity

June 26, 2006 — Rodger Doyle

Welfare Woes

Mixed success in getting people on their own feet

May 1, 2006 — Rodger Doyle

Lady Luck

More Americans cannot resist rolling the dice

March 26, 2006 — Rodger Doyle

The Honeymoon Is Over

After the vows, marital happiness may be all downhill

March 1, 2006 — Rodger Doyle

Sizing Up

Roots of obesity epidemic lie in the mid-20th Century

February 1, 2006 — Rodger Doyle

Modern Slavery

Despite attempts to end it, forced labor thrives

January 1, 2006 — Rodger Doyle

Fewer Men, More Crime

How a falling sex ratio can undermine a community

November 1, 2005 — Rodger Doyle

More Boys Than Girls

Skewed ratio may lead to the next sexual revolution

October 1, 2005 — Rodger Doyle

Myths of the City

Problems of urbanization are mostly false stereotypes

September 1, 2005 — Rodger Doyle

Coming to America

Immigration today rivals the influx of a century ago

August 1, 2005 — Rodger Doyle

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