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Connections63 articles archived since 1845

French Leave

In his final column, James Burke discusses matters bucolic, adulterous, explosive, decorative, passionate and (fittingly) fugitive

March 17, 2001 — James Burke

Home from Home

James Burke employs body snatching, mastodons, Great White Explorers, journalism, war, raincoats and malaria to literary ends

February 18, 2001 — James Burke

Class Acts

James Burke brings Stonehenge, Sturm und Drang, graveyards, clean air, and tea to an educative end

January 15, 2001

Not Nelson's Obelisk

James Burke draws monumental conclusions from wax, dinner sets, greenhouses, Argentina, prisons and the king of beasts

December 19, 2000 — James Burke


James Burke considers the primitive, the antiquarian, the mathematical, the electrical¿and draws some dramatic conclusions

November 19, 2000

Getting High

Booze, dope, metaphysics and other rhapsodic matters¿
James Burke airs a few Renaissance thoughts

October 20, 2000 — James Burke

The Last Word

James Burke takes an encyclopedic look at wordsmiths, dirty old men, rock hounds, ETs and the visitor's London

September 20, 2000

The Grand Plan

In which James Burke connects the dots between theology, calculus, social satire, locomotives, Napoleon and economics

August 20, 2000

Not What It Seems

James Burke explores crystals, sheepish matters, monster chicks,
poets and other smoke-and-mirrors stuff

July 20, 2000 — James Burke

All at Sea

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum¿buried treasure and pirates, novelists and politics¿James Burke tours life on the high seas

June 20, 2000 — James Burke

What a Nerve

From Beethoven and Dickens to the chemistry of urine to "siderism"--not all science ends with a Nobel, notes James Burke

May 21, 2000 — James Burke

Water Music

In which we visit singers, fiddlers, fertilizers and health freaks and, James Burke observes, it all goes down the drain

April 21, 2000 — James Burke
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