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No E(asy) Cure

Electronic voting won't fix butterfly ballots, dimpled chads or W.'s presidency

February 1, 2001 — Wendy M. Grossman

2001: A Scorecard

How close are we to building HAL? I'm sorry, Dave, I'm afraid we can't do that

January 18, 2001 — Gary Stix

Bits of Radio

Receiving digital broadcasts becomes cheaper and easier¿except in the U.S.

December 19, 2000 — Wendy M. Grossman

Wholesale Computation

Companies want to sell your computer¿s spare processing time. Are there buyers?

November 19, 2000 — Paul Wallich

Octothorp Standard

Is a battle brewing between Sun¿s Java and Microsoft¿s C#?

October 1, 2000 — Wendy M. Grossman

Brace for Impact

Will MP4 do to movies what MP3 is doing to music?

September 1, 2000

Circles of Trust

How vouching for users beats encryption alone in maintaining privacy

August 20, 2000 — Wendy M. Grossman

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