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Science and the Citizen712 articles archived since 1845

Trapped over a Chip

Microchips that control hovering atoms may lead to new quantum computers

March 1, 2001 — Graham P. Collins

Skin So Fixed

A topical lotion with DNA-repair enzymes cuts down skin carcinomas

March 1, 2001 — Julia Karow

Out in the Cold

Ambitious plans to penetrate icebound Lake Vostok have slowed to a crawl

March 17, 2001 — W. Wayt Gibbs

Volcanic Accomplice

Deadly impacts may have exacerbated massive eruptions

March 1, 2001 — Naomi Lubick

Scotchgard Scotched

Following the fabric protector's slippery trail to a new class of pollutant

March 1, 2001 — Rebecca Renner

Mammoth Kill

Did humans hunt giant mammals to extinction? Or give them lethal disease?

February 1, 2001 — Kate Wong
Higgs Won't Fly

Higgs Won't Fly

CERN declines a massive opportunity to find the Higgs particle

February 18, 2001 — Graham P. Collins

Debit or Credit?

Whether CO2-consuming trees can offset global warming is far from certain

February 18, 2001 — Sarah Simpson

Biological Alchemy

The discovery that skin and bone marrow cells can transform into neurons raises hopes--and many questions

February 18, 2001 — W. Wayt Gibbs
Cheap Light

Cheap Light

Microlasers go deeper into the infrared to boost optical networking

February 18, 2001 — Gary Stix

Lost Worlds

Evidence for the maverick view that extrasolar planets are really small stars

January 18, 2001 — George Musser

Side Splitting

Jokes, ice water and magnetism can change your view of the world--literally

January 1, 2001 — W. Wayt Gibbs

A Gas of Steel Balls

Marbles are more difficult to understand than atoms or molecules

January 1, 2001 — Graham P. Collins

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