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Skeptic212 articles archived since 1845

Show Me the Body

Purported sightings of Bigfoot, Nessie and Ogopogo fire our imaginations. But anecdotes alone do not make a science

April 14, 2003 — Michael Shermer

I, Clone

The Three Laws of Cloning will protect clones and advance science

March 10, 2003 — Michael Shermer

Demon-Haunted Brain

If the brain mediates all experience, then paranormal phenomena are nothing more than neuronal events

February 10, 2003 — Michael Shermer

Psychic Drift

Why most scientists do not believe in ESP and psi phenomena

January 13, 2003 — Michael Shermer

Mesmerized by Magnetism

An 18th-century investigation into mesmerism shows us how to think about 21st-century therapeutic magnets

October 15, 2002 — Michael Shermer

Why ET Hasn't Called

The lifetime of civilizations in the Drake equation for estimating extraterrestrial intelligences is greatly exaggerated

July 15, 2002 — Michael Shermer

Vox Populi

The voice of the people reveals why evolution remains controversial

June 17, 2002 — Michael Shermer

The Shamans of Scientism

On the occasion of Stephen W. Hawking's 60th trip around the sun, we consider a social phenomenon that reveals something deep about human nature

May 13, 2002 — Michael Shermer

Hermits and Cranks

Fifty years ago Martin Gardner launched the modern skeptical movement. Unfortunately, much of what he wrote about is still current today

March 24, 2002 — Michael Shermer
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