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Skeptic212 articles archived since 1845

Turn Me On, Dead Man

What do the Beatles, the Virgin Mary, Jesus, Patricia Arquette and Michael Keaton all have in common?

April 25, 2005 — Michael Shermer

The Fossil Fallacy

Creationists' demand for fossils that represent "missing links" reveals a deep misunderstanding of science

February 21, 2005 — Michael Shermer


Imaginary traumas are as terrifying as the real thing

January 24, 2005 — Michael Shermer

Quantum Quackery

A surprise-hit film has renewed interest in applying quantum mechanics to consciousness, spirituality and human potential

December 20, 2004 — Michael Shermer

Common Sense

Surprising new research shows that crowds are often smarter than individuals

November 22, 2004 — Michael Shermer

The Myth Is the Message

Yet another discovery of the lost continent of Atlantis shows why science and myth make uneasy bedfellows

September 27, 2004 — Michael Shermer

Mustangs, Monists and Meaning

The dualist belief that body and soul are separate entities is natural, intuitive and with us from infancy. It is also very probably wrong

August 23, 2004 — Michael Shermer

God's Number Is Up

Among a heap of books claiming that science proves God's existence emerges one that computes a probability of 67 percent

June 21, 2004 — Michael Shermer

Death by Theory

Attachment therapy is based on a pseudoscientific theory that, when put into practice, can be deadly

May 24, 2004 — Michael Shermer

The Enchanted Glass

Francis Bacon and experimental psychologists show why the facts in science never just speak for themselves

April 26, 2004 — Michael Shermer

None So Blind

Perceptual-blindness experiments challenge the validity of eyewitness testimony and the metaphor of memory as a video recording

February 9, 2004 — Michael Shermer

A Bounty of Science

A new book reexamines the mutiny on the Bounty, but science offers a deeper account of its cause

January 12, 2004 — Michael Shermer


Broad-mindedness is a virtue when investigating extraordinary claims, but often they turn out to be pure bunk

December 15, 2003 — Michael Shermer

Candle in the Dark

Instead of cursing the darkness of pseudoscience on television, light a candle with Cable Science Network

October 13, 2003 — Michael Shermer
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