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Sustainable Developments21 articles archived since 1845

Expert Systems Fight Poverty

Appropriate information and communications technologies, combined with community involvement, can save lives

April 1, 2010 — Jeffrey D. Sachs
Breaking the Poverty Trap

Breaking the Poverty Trap

Targeted investments can trump a region's geographic disadvantages

August 19, 2007 — Jeffrey D. Sachs

Moving beyond Kyoto

To seriously address the issue of global climate change, policymakers need to establish a framework that extends through the end of the century

February 1, 2007 — Jeffrey Sachs
Fiddling While the Planet Burns

Fiddling While the Planet Burns

Will the Wall Street Journal's editorial writers accept a challenge to learn the truth about the science of global climate change?

October 1, 2006 — Jeffrey D. Sachs
Sustainable Developments

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