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Plenty to Sniff At

Smaller and more sensitive electronic noses open up new applications

March 1, 2001 — Mia Schmiedeskamp

Shrinking to Enormity

DNA microarrays are reshaping basic biology--but scientists fear they may soon drown in the data

February 1, 2001 — W. Wayt Gibbs

Patently Inefficient

A new industry is thrashed by waves of litigation

February 1, 2001 — W. Wayt Gibbs

Complexity's Business Model

Part physics, part poetry--the fledgling un-discipline finds commercial opportunity

January 1, 2001 — Julie Wakefield

In the Waiting Room

Robodocs may be here, but remote surgery remains remote

December 1, 2000 — David Pescovitz

As We May Live

Computer scientists build a dream house to test their vision of our future

November 1, 2000 — W. Wayt Gibbs

Speech without Accountability

New software makes it nearly impossible to remove illegal material from the Web--or to find out who put it there

October 1, 2000 — W. Wayt Gibbs


Airbus commits to building the world's biggest commercial jumbo jet

September 20, 2000 — Phil Scott

Sonic Bust

Don't hold your breath for Mach 2 transport

September 1, 2000

Different Stripes

Physicists still struggle to explain high-temperature superconductivity

August 20, 2000 — Graham P. Collins

No Resistance

High-temperature superconductors start finding real-world uses

August 1, 2000 — Bruce Schechter

Tantalizing Tubes

Hype aside, applications for carbon nanotubes progress--slowly

June 1, 2000 — Steve Mirsky

Chilly Crystals

Thermoelectrics could double computer speeds

May 1, 2000 — Diane Martindale

Wired for Speed

As chips shrink, researchers look to optical and radio-frequency interconnects

May 1, 2000 — David Pescovitz

Rules of the Game

Friends and foes of genetically modified crops warily sign a deal

April 1, 2000 — Tim Beardsley

Brain Invaders

A new auditory prosthesis implanted directly into the brain stem may restore hearing

March 21, 2000 — Simon LeVay

Working Under Pressure

Pushing DNA into cells makes a safe form of gene therapy work

March 1, 2000 — Tim Beardsley

Bioagent Chip

A sensor to detect a biological warfare attack in seconds

March 1, 2000 — David Pescovitz

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