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Hiking Underground

The longest cave in the world wends below Kentucky's Mammoth Cave National Park. Here visitors can view cave formation up close

August 23, 2004 — Marguerite Holloway
Stars atop a Silent Volcano

Stars atop a Silent Volcano

The largest astronomical observatory in the world sits on Mauna Kea in Hawaii. The views, up or down, are spectacular

June 21, 2004 — Marguerite Holloway

Passport in Time

Volunteers join archaeological and historical Forest Service projects around the country, learning field techniques

February 9, 2004 — Marguerite Holloway

Desert Metropolis

Namibia's endless arid expanses are home to a menagerie of creatures that live nowhere else

May 1, 2003 — Gary Stix
The Power of Gravity

The Power of Gravity

Explore the marvels of engineering inside Hoover Dam

June 17, 2002 — W. Wayt Gibbs

Trees of the Triassic

In the Painted Desert of Arizona, a story of how forests turned to stone and how the stones are walking away

May 1, 2002 — Marguerite Holloway

The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism