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Critics Slam Reports of a "Polar Vortex" in July

Years ago on Saturday Night Live, Gilda Radner played a little old lady, Emily Litella, who came onto the Weekend Update news set to deliver an editorial about a burning issue of the day—only she didn't quite have the correct terminology...

July 14, 2014 — Mark Fischetti

Why Is Namibia Killing Its Rare Desert Elephants?

On Saturday, June 21 one of the Republic of Namibia’s rare desert elephants was felled by a hunter’s rifle. Unlike most of the other elephants that die on any given day in Africa, this particular elephant was slain legally...

July 9, 2014 — John R. Platt

Endangered Manatees Face a New Threat: Lawsuits

What do manatees and bureaucracy have in common? They both have a tendency to move slowly—sometimes painfully slowly. In Florida manatees’ own lethargy puts the animals at risk of being killed or injured by the speedboats that zip through the state’s waterways...

July 8, 2014 — John R. Platt

Drinking from the Toilet

Treated sewage could be the safest, most environmentally sound source of tap water yet—if we can get over the yuck factor

July 8, 2014 — Olive Heffernan
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