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Fish Finning Fails Financially

Fish Finning Fails Financially

An economic analysis of the value of sharks for ecotourism alone finds that each individual is worth far more alive than dead for its fins. Steve Mirsky reports

March 1, 2012

Illustrating the Lost Continent

Watch how paleoartist James Gurney created the images for Scientific American's March feature "Dinosaurs of the Lost Continent"

February 29, 2012 — Micahel Mrak

Dinosaurs of the Lost Continent

The American West once harbored multiple communities of dinosaurs simultaneously—a revelation that has scientists scrambling to understand how the land could have supported so many behemoths

February 29, 2012 — Scott D. Sampson
How Raindrops Calm the Wind

How Raindrops Calm the Wind

New research suggests the drag on falling precipitation helps slow atmospheric circulation. David Biello reports

February 26, 2012
Our Birth Control Undermines Amphibians

Our Birth Control Undermines Amphibians

Human oral contraceptives that find their way back into the environment might be having an effect on frog mating. Christopher Intagliata reports

February 22, 2012

Beyond XX and XY

Biology. Identity. Equality.