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Banks Put a Price on Earth's Life Support

Some of the world's largest banks plan to cut credit for companies that rely on but fail to value forests, water and other natural resources

August 30, 2013 — Paul Brown and The Daily Climate

Cellist Converts Climate Data To Song

University of Minnesota undergraduate Daniel Crawford studies geography and environmental science. He's also a cellist. He converted more than a century of global temperature data to create A Song of Our Warming Planet...

August 25, 2013

Invasive Seafood: It's What's for Dinner

Invasive species can be a major pest, but some people see them as an untapped food resource. Go on assignment with Scientific American editor Michael Moyer as he forages for his next meal with a chef who makes the detestable delectable...

August 21, 2013

The Great Eggcase Hunt Project

The Great Eggcase Hunt aims to get as many people as possible hunting for egg cases that have either been washed ashore or found by divers and snorkelers underwater

August 20, 2013
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